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Demon's Apprentice Cover

[sticky post] The Writer's Journey

I've started a blog/page/journal process following the writing process from "I have an idea" to "I just finished the rough draft" to show how a story is written from one writer's experience. This is going to be a spoiler filled, technical jargon laced, inside-the-writer's-head experience showing what goes on behind the scenes of telling a story. Why? Because no one has ever done something like this before that I know of, and all too often, writers tend to treat the writing process like a trade secret, then wonder why people don't understand what we go through. It's meant to be educational more than entertaining, so if you're looking for a thrilling experience, here's your money back. But if you want to see what the story writing process looks like from the inside, and understand why writers act the way we do sometimes, I'm pretty sure you'll get something out of it.

So, here's how it starts:

How it all starts...

Here is where it starts: At work, the idea hits me, and I grab a couple...no, a few pages of legal size paper, fold them in half and start making character notes:

Oh, look, more character notes....

More character notes

What's this? Ah, even MORE character notes. As the idea progressed in my head, the characters and their stories began to become more and more intertwined with the main plot line. More on that soon.

Picture 24